©Richard Johnson


OK, I know what you’re thinking “FFS, why does the weekend end so quickly?”, right? Well, unfortunately there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it bar calling in sick, and let’s face it, that never washes well on a Monday morning (…unless you call in sick on Tuesday too)! On the other hand, while there is no honest way of escaping Monday morning, your ears don’t necessarily have to suffer in silence.

I’ve listened to a few tracks by MS MR and haven’t really been as overly impressed as the music journo’s seem to have been. However, I have been playing this remix of the track ‘Fantasy’ quite a lot over the weekend and I reckon it might be able to lift your Monday morning blues off your desk or at least cheer them up a bit. I recommend a good sprinkling of glitter and as many cups of tea as you want – remember, you deserve it! The weekend will be here (bringing Erol Alkan with it ;-) if you live here in Milan) before you know it!

Image taken from: www.coupdemainmagazine.com

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