If you’re a fan of melodic beats with a healthy twist of shoulder-twitching, hypnotic house and deep disco. Then DJ/producer – James Pople, might be right up your disco’s alley way!

I met James several years ago during my ‘Vauxhall years’ – you’ll be able to read that interesting chapter in my memoirs! We shared the dancefloor on numerous occasions and would always have a chat whenever we saw each other. Saying that, it’s quite some time since the last time we saw one another. Since then, James has followed the dream that I remember discussing with him on several occasions. This dream, well – it was more of a plan really, was to buy some decks, start DJing, and to produce his own music.

James is now living the dream and was recently listed in The Independent’s Art Club as ‘up and coming’. He has also produced and released a few tracks of his own (‘Keep It Up’ , ‘I Never Knew’ and ‘Say I Move You’ ), as well as regularly playing at a string of nights across London, including ‘Room Service’, and next weekend (13/10) at ‘XOYO’.

I’ve just been listening to a couple of his mixes and I strongly recommend that you give them a listen!

Congratulations James. Keep up the spiffingly good work!!!

Check out James Pople’s Soundcloud.

Image taken from: https://www.facebook.com/pages/James-Pople-DJMusic/159317517443637

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