When Lisa Stansfield released her most well-known single in the late 80’s / early 90’s, ‘Around The World’ become her biggest international hit to date!

Since then, she released a few albums pre-millenium, and a greatest hits package surfaced during the early ’00’s’, but Lisa has more or less disappeared off the face of the earth. I wonder if she’s living in her hometown of Rochdale?!?

Anyway, Lisa had some amazing songs including these gems:

And these awesome remixes!!!

Where are you Lisa? We miss you!!!!

Image taken from: http://www.coverpedia.blogspot.com


  1. She’s from Rochdale and she’s my mate’s cousin and she has a house in Dublin with mirrored slidy doors everywhere and a house in New York but I don’t know what the doors are like there. That is all I know. Oh, and she once stuck her hair to her head in the video of Been Around the World and I yai yai, I can’t find my baby. That is all I know.


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