Don't judge a book by it's cover!

In October 1992, every tabloid newspaper, news programme and well, everyone on the planet was talking about Madonna’s coffee table book, ‘Sex’. The adult-themed picture book, which was labelled by Madonna as a book of artistic photographs, was an international best seller, despite the fact that people were shocked and outraged by it’s sexually graphic content!

The book, which featured madonna in a number of un-orthodox positions, was shot by long-term friend and photographer Steven Meisel and featured model, Naomi Campbell,  ex-rapper turned motorbike salesman, Vanilla Ice and actress, Isabella Rossolini. Only 50,000 copies of the £25.00 book were originally published and they all sold-out within minutes of going on sale.

Unfortunately the controversy surrounding the book over-shadowed the release of one of Madonna’s most experitmental albums to date, which also happened to be released the day before the book. ‘Erotica’ effortlessly fused lazy beats, a nod to drum ‘n’ bass, jazz and was possibly released ahead of it’s time, but due to the explicit nature of the lyrics and the accompanying softcore metal-back storybook, it was panned by the critics! However, the album did spawn five top ten singles, Erotica, Deeper And Deeper, Bad Girl, Fever and Rain.

After the release of ‘Sex’, Madonna’s career nose-dived and it wasn’t until she took on the role of Eva Peron in film adaption of the musical ‘Evita’, and recorded the 1998 album ‘Ray Of Light’, that her career ressurected itself and she reclaimed her title as ‘The Queen Of Pop’!

The full ‘uncensored’ book can be downloaded for free at http://www.filestube.com/8aa78c5333f39bb803e9,g/MADONNA-SEX-book.html.


  1. …and now, stupid ass Gaga is going to release in november her own Sex book, can’t that bitch think of anything non-related to Madonna? Fuck her.


  2. Um, Madonna’s career did not nose-dive after the release of ‘Sex’. Her album ‘Erotica’ debuted at #2 on the US charts, and her next album, ‘Bedtime Stories’ released in 1994, debuted at #3 on the US charts and included the single ‘Take a Bow’ which by the way is her longest running #1 single in the US with 7 weeks at the top spot.
    Considering that, I would say Madonna met with much success after ‘Sex’ and before ‘Evita’ and ‘Ray of Light’.


    • In the UK, Erotica and Bedtime Stories were successful too. Musically, Madonna remained popular, but those albums, along with American Life, were two of the least successful albums of her career in the UK. Unlike the success with ‘Take A Bow’ in the US, which only reached number 16 in the UK, there were no number ones between ‘Vogue’ and ‘Frozen’ on this side of the pond. Madonna was not popular in the press for several years. The sex book was ripped apart, The Girlie Show was heavily criticised (althought it sold out two nights at Wembley) and it wasn’t until Alan Parker cast Madonna in the role as Eva Peron that she regained the recognition which had lacked since ‘Justify My Love’. Some might say the UK were a little bit prudish during this part of her career.

      You’ll be glad to know that I remained faithful. Even though I was only 12 when the book was released (and actually didn’t see it until five years later), I continued to follow Madonna and still have almost every format of every release from 1990 onwards!


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